Cake Cake Cake

April 2013!
"it's my party and i'll play if i want to..."

On April 16 I will invite a bunch of my friends out to share in a special birthday show in Hollywood, CA at Genghis Cohen. While it's really just an excuse to have cake, I've invited some amazing musicians to participate. There will be songs off my solo record as well as a special semi-acoustic performance from my band, Run Run Run. Seeing as it's the Coachella festival that week near LA, who knows who might actually show up and get up on stage that night??
Looking forward from this, Run Run Run will debut new material on MAY 16 at the Satellite in Silverlake, CA (LA) and is back in the studio soon as we've been writing new material for our upcoming record. That being said, it is almost certain that the band, will be returning to Russia in August of 2013, at which time I plan to carry on in Europe with a solo tour as it went so swimmingly last year. See you soon, and if per chance you are reading this and want to get involved in ANY capacity with either of these projects (e.g. website, tour dates, letting us come to your house and eat your food) please feel free to reach out. It's 2013 so that means musicians are living back in the wild west these days and having to do it ourselves... which is exciting but we can all use your support! cheers

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