Summer 2017

Back in the saddle again... Thanks to my friend and talented musician Adam Topol -- who has asked me to sit in as his guitarist for the summer -- I'll be singing and strumming in front of people again. 

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Dec 2016

Coming to the end of 2016 here's a little Blahg for anyone who's checking in on me... It's been nearly 9 months since Run Run Run supported New Order last March in what I consider to be 2 of our…

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Mid-Summer 2016!

Forgive me padre it's been nearly 6 months since my last Blagh...  Let's catch up... 
February was just plain cold and nothing really happened, but then Run Run Run reunited and opened for New Order in the US last March…

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And so it is...  2016! really? wow!

It feels like it was just last Summer that my family and I were busy at the Santa Monica beach, looking on craigslist for one of those super fancy ultra juicers, and i…

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Tokyo Notes

As I write this I have just one more show in Tokyo with my boss, trumpet player and icon Herb Alpert and his wife, singer Lani Hall.  They did a residency at the famous Blue Note Tokyo jazz club. 

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Summer Fun 2014

What a fantastic Summer 2014 so far, and forgive me Father but it's been a long damn time since my last Blahg.  Guess I've been too busy leading the indie rock life. That is, writing, recording and pressing up your…Read more

New Music!

HA! Forgive me father for it's been 1 year since my last blahg. WHAT?? Is that even possible.  Well... let's see since my last birthday show in 2013, where i came out in a bathrobe (or maybe that was a…Read more

Cake Cake Cake

April 2013!
"it's my party and i'll play if i want to..."

On April 16 I will invite a bunch of my friends out to share in a special birthday show in Hollywood, CA at Genghis Cohen. While…Read more

Hello 2013!

Thank you all for an incredible 2012!  With the help of so many kind souls, I was able to realize my "Hey San Pedro" solo record.  It took literally sixteen years of living its stories, trying out song ideas, and…Read more

End of the year holiday blues? Get Ready for 2013!

Thanks to everyone for making 2012 beyond amazing!  TOGETHER we raised almost $10,000 for "HEY SAN PEDRO," sold out of its first pressing, and then got me and Run Run Run to UK, RUSSIA, GERMANY, CANADA, SWEDEN, NORWAY, LATVIA, UKRAINE…Read more


Last Sunday Oct 7, Run Run Run performed at the Greek Theatre supporting iconic Manchester band, New Order. There was a moment in the middle of our set when I really felt like there was no way to could describe…Read more