Ok folks, this is my very first blog on my very first website... So, hello to everyone around the world!

I can't believe 2011 is over. What an intense year! I know a lot of folks thought it was a bummer year because of the economy and troubled times all around the world. However, I found a renewed spirit for music. Run Run Run's "Have Rock Will Travel" was a real shot in the arm and brought us so much inspiration. I feel like the independent artist actually has a leg to stand on now, and I learned that from making so many new fans and gaining so many new friends and supporters through Kickstarter and touring this year. We launched this whole campaign from a laptop and rallied so many allies - from individuals on all parts of the globe, to organizations like NOH8, LiveNation, House of Blues, ReverbNation, and many more. Cheers to music bringing us all together, and have a great 2012!

I plan to regularly update this blog with all the fun, crazy, sentimental and ridiculous things that seem to happen in my world. xo, Xander Smith


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