Thanks so much for the amazing feedback and support for HEY SAN PEDRO. It sounds like many of you are actually listening to the album in it's entirety. How very old school of ya! I'm flattered. This is how I also still enjoy records, so I'm glad it holds up all the way thru. Looking forward to April 24 when it comes out on I-TUNES, so our friends around the world can get a listen. I'll be performing in NYC on April 3 and at Gibson Seattle showroom on April 26, so come say hello!
Also, just confirmed that RUN RUN RUN will be performing in Riga, Latvia so all our Russian and European fans should maybe start looking at flights :) I am hoping to plan some solo acoustic shows in the UK and Moscow as well, and maybe another European stop or two if y'all have any ideas??? See you this Summer!

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