Pop Culture Heros??

This week here's what's on my mind:

Whitney Houston - RIP to a great singer and lost soul from Newark, NJ, but WHY on earth did we have an all day, Arlington Cemetery-esque, Presidental-like televised public funeral? Did I miss something? I mean this was not a philanthropist, person of public service, health care provider, spiritual leader, but a sad, lost and lonely, angry, totally self-centered fallen pop star who fell off the grid years ago. Since the early 90s, I don't think she has set a good example for the public at all. I'm not judging her. I have a lot of compassion for people under the spell of addiction. In fact, maybe the world knowing her true experience will save lives in the future. However, this kind of fanfare seemed strangely inappropriate. I'm thinking it was meant to serve someone or something other than Whitney? I feel like they exploited her celebrity... even in death. And now I'm thinking Bobby Brown was just the Lee Harvey Oswald in this situation? My opinion, Tom Hanks better get fireworks, snow cones for everyone and a 3 day vigil. Now, that's a role model.

Grammys 2012! Chris Brown beats up his girlfriend. End of story. Why is HE featured in this year's Grammys? I'd say we are sending a pretty messed up message to kids. Too soon to glorify this guy, and bad taste on the part of the show in my opinion.

On Thursday Feb 23 I will be playing my first ever singer/songwriter show on a real stage! Sure, I've played shows like this in college, and have probably been on the Viper Room stage more times than I cant count, but never alone... never to a bunch of strangers. I'm a little nervous, but thank baby jesus! I mean how often do we get to take chances anymore as adults? Well, let's hope I don't forget the words or break a string, cuz I can't juggle. FYI- Cool kids stay home--this show is for nerds and hopeless romantics only! Next stop is NYC at the Living Room on March 4th!

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