It's been nearly two weeks since I've been back from my European tour, and i can still hardly express in words how wonderful and amazing this trip was for me. I could keep you here for pages trying to describe it.   But, more than any of the historic images or funny moments or on stage shenanigans, the simple fact that so many kind souls (who do not work in the music biz and were not required in any way to donate themselves to this mission) took their time, energy, resources, money, and faith and rallied to make Xander Smith and Run Run Run shows so magical, fun, successful and life changing. OMG! Thank you so much.    HIghlights for me: getting to reunite with my Manchester mates and hear them perform RRR songs, listening to grown adults in several countries try to pronounce "Haalllo Keeetteee", brown cheese that tasted like candy in Norway, Old town Riga and Stockholm, having tea with an very old Russian man in Ekaterinburg who made me tea, and then tried to talk to me but could only say one word, "Merci", rocking over 11,000 Rigans, killer RRR show in Moscow and being on MTV Russia, eating real borscht in Kiev, singing the Beatles' "Yesterday" with a group of Swedes in an airport terminal where we got stuck for 6 hours, my beyond amazing hosts in each country, seeing the remnants of the East Berlin wall and train ride to Hamburg and the German countryside, ALL the crowds, improvising Russian indie-art-rock with Sasha from Sansara, visiting the Orthodox church in Moscow, Alton Towers fish and chips in UK, and so much more.   Seriously, this tour, album, and campaign for HEY SAN PEDRO has been completely off the grid when it comes to the usual procedure and expectations of a modern tour. But, like the original troubadours, traveling with a small bag, acoustic guitar, CDs and hello kitties stickers all through Europe is about the most alive i've felt in years, and it was a team effort.  Love and hugs from LA, i can't wait to return to you awesome folks!

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