Run Run Run is an American indie rock band from Los Angeles. The quintet consists of Xander Smith (vocals, guitar), Nic Speck (bass), Doug Palmer (guitar), Francisco DeCun (drums) and Alek Speck (keyboards). The music is dark, psychedelic indie rock, and since 2003, Rx3 has released 3 EPs, 2 full length CDs and 4 videos. Known for their hypnotic lo-fi light show and angst ridden but catchy songs, Rx3 has headlined in U.S. five times, toured in Canada and Russia, and supported such bands as The Strokes, The Vines, Psychedelic Furs, My Chemical Romance and Mumiy Troll. Their most recent single/video, "Pico", charted in Russia and helped the band garner a co-headline slot at the “Run Nike” festival in Moscow’s Red Square in 2010.


Pauley Perrette--actress, activist, writer and producer-- is also a lead singer/songwriter and fronted bands before her film and tv became her main focus. In May 2012, while on summer hiatus from her hit TV series NCIS, she contacted long time friend Xander Smith (guitarist), along with Tommy Joe Ratliff (bassist/guitarist) and Veronica Bellino (drums) to become the official line up for this latest project--Stop Making Friends. Perrette named the band and began writing this material long ago, but only now has handpicked these musicians to begin work on a full length album.


L.A. glam-revue pioneers, Xander Smith & Charlie Paulson (Club Makeup/Club Cherry) together with LA drag superstars present “TRANZKUNTINENTAL” - performing the hottest songs of the past & present, but in Hollywood’s highest heels. The band, comprised of L.A.’s most wanted, supports an all-star cast of fierce queens and over-the-top personalities who rotate in and out of the spotlight to shocked onlookers with their diva-snap banter and seasoned vocal chops. They are also pioneers as they work up live modern "mash-ups" formerly popularized by only DJs.


Inger Lorre has fronted LA’s alternative pioneers, Nymphs since they came on the scene in the late 1980s with other bands like Jane’s Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Faster Pussycat. Best known for their massive record deal with Geffen that went bad after Rolling Stone Magazine reported Lorre’s infamous “pee on the desk” and subsequent falling out with Guns and Roses’ A&R rep Tom Zutaut. However, Nymphs records were still well received and influenced many LA bands and devotees like Courtney Love. After a few solo records and a big break from music, Lorre reformed the Nymphs in 2007 for a tribute to legendary radio DJ Rodney Bingenheimer at the Henry Fonda Theatre. Xander Smith was on lead guitar and still performs with Lorre today. They plan to record and tour Europe in 2012.