L.A.'s OSP featured members Xander Smith and Jennifer (Precious) Finch, formerly of L7. The group mixed punk, alt-rock, pop and new wave sounds on their 1999 debut album Diamonds In The Belly Of The Dog. OSP teamed up with legendary producer Roy Thomas Baker (Queen/The Cars) for this release and many tracks became featured in film/TV, e.g. Office Space (2001), VH1 Classic Video hour, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed. Other original members included Junko Ito (bass) and Chris Bratton (drums) later replaced by Todd Philips (drums) and Ted Liscinski (bass). OSP disbanded in 2001 due to contractual difficulties with their label.


Xander Smith played double-duty with two-time Grammy winner Rickie Lee Jones starting in 2008, as both a tour manager and multi-instrumentalist on guitar/percussion/vocals. You can hear Smith alongside Jones’ great band on the podcast of their performance at NYC’s Le Poisson Rouge in 2009.


From 1999 to 2002, Los Angeles hosted what was the modern day Studio 54 called Club Makeup. For three years the line went around the block at Wilshire Blvd’s famous El Rey Theatre. This dance club was fashioned after traditional Glam Rock (T Rex, Bowie, Queen) and showcased a bombastic, shocking live Midnight rock n’ roll show that featured rock stars, drag queens, performance artists and celebrities. Xander Smith was the musical director, played guitar and worked with an impressive list including Linda Perry, Adam Lambert, the Rocky Horror cast, Hedwig, Ice T, Dee Dee Ramone, Dale Bozzio, CC Deville, Pauley Perrette, Orgy, Alice in Chain’s Jerry Cantrell, the Cult’s Ian Asterbury, and many more.


Monte Pittman has regularly joined Xander Smith on stage as they both handled guitar duties for Club Makeup, Rock And Roll All Stars and most recently Tranzkuntinental. Pittman also played bass in Smith’s band Run Run Run, both on stage and in the studio on several tracks for their first full length CD Endless Winter. Smith then returned the favor by joining Pittman and his band in 2011 to support Pittman’s first solo album The Deepest Dark.


Xander Smith played many shows with Scarlett and has recently lent his guitar stylings to her latest rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s "Landslide", which was produced by her husband Lee Cherry, and also features Carmit Bachar (Pussycat Dolls/ Zodiac) on vocals. Scarlett Cherry was a staple at Smith’s Club Makeup.


Steve Perry and Xander Smith met while Smith’s band, Run Run Run, was mixing their Good Company EP. Steve lent his expertise in the studio and continued to mentor Rx3 when they started preproduction for their subsequent tour and next record, Pico. Smith and Perry have also written together.


Along with Run Run Run bandmate Nic Speck, Smith co-wrote the title track for Kill All Control, the latest release from guitar virtuoso George Lynch. Smith was asked to work up this track for the platinum-selling guitarist.


Xander Smith is the tour manager for Herb Alpert and Lani Hall. Smith joined their team in 2009. He has helped to plan their tours and provide lighting and visual elements, which have been showcased at the Grammy museum, Disney Hall and Lincoln Center.


Xander Smith started his career in music with his college mates at UCLA. Chalk Circle was their goth/grunge brainchild. They started with shows around L.A. until they were signed and started to tour in their girlfriends’ cars around the U.S. Eventually, they played on stages with other 90s groups Stone Temple Pilots, Jawbreaker, Face to Face, Ethyl Meatplow, Failure - and even made it to the 2nd stage at Lollapalooza. Members included Erik Travis, Tony Tisdale, Matt Passmore, Matthew (Boston) Hertert, Dave Moore, Meghan (from Sanger, CA), and Jessy Greene, who later went on to play violin/cello for such artists as Pink, Geraldine Fibbers and the Foo Fighters.


In 2005 Adam Lambert joined Xander Smith and the Club Makeup Rock and Roll All Stars for Ralph Lauren’s annual Fall fashion event.


Xander’s brief stint on stage as the only male Runaway led to more activity from these LA punk rock legends. In 2001, promoter Bryan Rabin invited original members Cherie Currie and Sandy West to perform at Club Cherry in Hollywood. Rabin asked Smith to put a back up band together for the show. Following that the Runaways were featured at Smith’s Club Makeup. When the Runaways (minus Joan Jett and Lita Ford) reunited for the all-star punk rock "Class of ’77" show, Smith joined them on guitar.