Dec 2016

Coming to the end of 2016 here's a little Blahg for anyone who's checking in on me... It's been nearly 9 months since Run Run Run supported New Order last March in what I consider to be 2 of our best performances in a long history of shows.  Spending most of the time this year with family and working for Herb Alpert and Lani Hall, I recently got busy writing/recording and revisiting my role as lead guitar player. A sort of Tranz K reunion at Halloween, helping the LA goth band Black Cat prepare to make a record with the legendary producer Dave Jerden, and delivering a 2 hours acoustic set last month to benefit a charity golf tournament raising money for Melanoma research have helped me to pull the guitar out from under the bed. very cool. 

Our 2016 election sparked so much conversation, both elation and unrest as a divided people in the US and our media feeling controversy seemed to eclipse all other matters in the last month. However, my addiction to PBS paid off as I was able to see one of the most intelligent and inspiring interviews to give an overview of the Donald Trump win.  Jon Stewart shared his thoughts with Charlie Rose and was able to restore my faith in this country as he so wisely pointed out that a truly democratic nation is an anomaly and has never been done in human history. So, we should all be patient as the US is still young and trying to find out what it truly is, and celebrate its resilience.  The same country that elected Obama also elected Trump. So, let's see... 

and thoughts of Leonard Cohen, Leon Russell, Prince, Glenn Frey and David Bowie all jamming at some honky tonk in the sky makes me smile.  I'm ready for 2017!!!

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